Copyright 2020. Bronwyn K van Joolen. All Rights Reserved.


Music & LYrics by Bronwyn van Joolen

Cowritten with Maxim Crist (The Fall, Shallow End )

Produced, Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Kevin Proctor

At HEAR & NOW STUDIOS in Monterey, CAlifornia.


Lead Vocals: Bronwyn van Joolen.  Piano: Skylar van Joolen. Drums: Darrin Thomas.  Bass: Luke Little.  

Electric Guitar, Slide Guitar: Kevin Proctor. Violin: Razz Palumbi. Trumpet: VanDarrel Woods.

  Acoustic Guitar: Kevin Proctor (Better Than). Acoustic Guitar: Maxim Crist (All other songs)

Backup & Featured Vocals: Maxim Crist (Better Than, The Fall, Shallow End, IT's Still ME

Album Artwork: Brian Mack

THANK YOU to The CYBERBASS Project for contributing to the production of this EP.